Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been busy...

I feel so bad. I can see people coming here checking for an update and I have been such a bad blogger for not posting one. I've been busy!

I promise I will get an update on the past month up soon! Between traveling to San Francisco (GORGEOUS!!! Awesome trip with TONS of pictures), having company in town, me not feeling well (more on that later) and the kids activities I have just been so busy and haven't been on the computer as much lately.

Jackson finished up his last day on Kindergarten today and I can't believe he is finished with his first year of school. It went by SO fast! He did awesome and stayed on Green (behavior chart) all year long without ever even getting a warning. I am so proud of him!

So...back to me not feeling good. I have been having issues and a lot of pain since the end of January which we thought might be my heart. Had tons of tests and they found an issue with my heart but it was not the only issue. I have continued to have these very severe pains that are FAR WORSE than labor for the past several months. I have gone to my doctor a couple of times and asked if it could be my gallbladder or anything else and was told that they didn't think it was. They thought it was just my heart issue. After having a severe attack while in San Francisco I went in and insisted the doctor order an abdominal ultrasound. He reluctantly did and it showed that I have gallbladder disease and that my gallbladder is completely full of gallstones. Go Figure!!! They said it needs to come out immediately to which I told them I was going out of town and would deal with it next week. They weren't happy about that but these are the same people who have ignored me begging for answers for several months now. What's one weekend of me going out of town. (Tyler was out here in Robert Lee so I had to come and get him!) From what they tell me it looks like I will be having surgery no later than Thurs. or Friday of next week. I am not thrilled about it but I am happy to finally have some answers and hopefully an end to this pain.

SO....what does this mean??? It means I will be in bed resting and will hopefully have time to update my blog with TONS of pictures which is why you all come here anyway...Right? I promise to do better and hopefully in the weeks that I am out of commission I will get all caught up and will stay on top of things. I also have some exciting things in the works that I hope to be sharing soon!