Monday, March 14, 2011


Today I got up early and headed out to the house again.  Tiffany and Felipe came over around noon so that Felipe could hang the shower door and shower curtain rods in the kids rooms.  It made the day much more enjoyable to have someone to visit with and Tiffany helped me out with my appliances and floors.
Speaking of the floors...they were a nightmare to clean!  I was literally on my hands and knees scrubbing them.  There was so much dirt in every little crack of the floors.  It was not fun but they look so much better now.
Jacob and the kids got home around 7:30 last night.  He went to work cleaning out the garage and the kids enjoyed spending some time playing with Rhett.
Here is the house last night after I got it all cleaned up.  They still have to paint the backsplash, but most of the other major stuff is done.
I hesitated on staining the patio doors thinking that it might be too dark but I think they turned out nice.
View from dining room into living room.
The shower finally all finished up!  It looks so nice!


This is what happens when you spend all of your time working out at the new house.
Needless to say our laundry (which I am usually really good at staying on top of it) got out of control.
I cleaned out at the house all day long (around 10 hours total) and came home and folded laundry.
My life is so exciting right now.

Friday, March 11, 2011


It is officially Spring Break!
The kids and Jacob headed to Henderson for a wedding, while I am left behind to do the big move in clean out at the house.  It is going to be a huge task this weekend and I am not looking forward to doing it alone.
We are exactly one week away from moving in!
I can't wait!
(If I survive the weekend...and next week!)


I can't even begin to tell you how excited my kids were to be able to roll around on the new carpet this evening!
I am excited to have it as well.  I actually don't mind having carpet.  I like sitting on the floor playing with the kids and carpet just makes that so much more enjoyable.
I am happy we have the floors we have in the main living areas (if I can ever get them clean) but I like carpet in the bedrooms and basement.  I just feels more cozy.
In addition to finishing off the lighting and putting in the appliances, they also stained the doors and put on the door hardware today.
I am so happy with how they turned out!
We are just down to the little details now.


Lately we have been working at the new house every evening until around 8:30.
This means we get home, scramble to get baths and feed the kids.
I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water, but the end is near!
Until then things will just be crazy and unorganized.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today I was happy to finally get caught up on my blog!  I always feel better when I sit down and write about what is going on, even if it isn't about anything special.
It certainly feels like Spring is here in West Texas.  The wind has just been crazy and the sky is brown.
The trees are starting to bloom out and I am so excited that we will have a house to start working in the yard.  I missed having my plants last year.
Today they started putting in the septic system.
It took up a lot more space than we had thought it would.
The worst part is that we lost about 4 trees because of it.  One of them was a big beautiful mesquite tree right off the back porch.  It made us both sick.
Here is the tree carnage.  So sad.  :(


Once again I forgot to put my camera card in my camera.  I am usually so good about it but clearly my brain is not thinking right these days.  The electrician finished up the lighting out at the house today and the builder started putting in the plumbing fixtures.  We have carpet going in on Thurs. and Friday and them I am set to do the final "move in clean" on the house this weekend.  If I wasn't so tired I would be excited but right now I can't see beyond the tired.  I am ready to be done.


Today the kids were over cleaning so we brought out Lego's and princesses for them to play with.
It kept them entertained for most of the day.
We are all tired of these long hours out at the house and given the choice I would never choose to do cleanup again.  I am a thrifty person but this was not worth the work we have put into it.
I did finally get the shower cleaned out today.  It was not easy after having that grout sit on there for a couple of weeks but it turned out nice.
You can also see how the stained conctete floors look all cleaned up.
And here is the overall view of the great room.  You can see the film still on the floors.  The cabinets are all cleaned up though!  It is really starting to look like finished house.


Today we spent the entire day out at the house cleaning up floors.
It was a HUGE task.
Much more work than we had anticipated.
The kids did really good considering that we spent 11 hours total out at the house.
Now that we have some lights hooked up, our work days have been greatly extended.
I was so happy to see all of that nasty brown paper come up off of the floors.  It was so dusty and it just wouldn't clean up.  We spent over 6 hours taking up paper and tape and still didn't get all of the tape up.
After the paper came up we spend the rest of the time trying to get the floors cleaned up.  They still have a film on them.  I am hoping that the Bona system is as good as everyone says it is and will get them clean. 


Today we had a budget meeting with our builder.  It was not fun but we survived. 
Coming in and seeing our granite installed did help ease the sting though.  I am so happy with how it turned out!
Jackson got to miss out on the fun of a 2 hour meeting and then 1.5 hours at the doctor.  I would imagine this is the only time he would rather be in school.
Yesterday while clipping Tyler's fingernails he was watching me and had one fly into his eye.  We got it out about 30 minutes later but he was in a lot of pain all night and morning so I decided to call the doctor.  He has also had a sinus infection and cough for 3 weeks so we needed to go in anyway.  The final verdict is that it scratched his cornia.  (Let me tell you that putting dye in a kids eye is no fun!)  Jacob was a little irritated with me over the whole eye thing but WHO DOES THAT HAPPEN TO?!?  It isn't like clipping finger nails is usually considered dangerous.  I guess I will have to put safety goggles on the kids in the future.
Jaci just wasn't happy at all today with all of the running around.  I can't blame her.  I was over it too!


No pictures today.  My absent minded brain took them but forgot to put the memory card in the camera so I don't have anything to post.  Today was a day of recovery for me.  After being gone for 2 days there was so much to take care of here at home (and the new home).  The majority of my evening was spent working on our house budget preparing for a meeting with our builder.  It was not fun.


Baby Love...
This is Levi Jasper.
He is my friend Bonnie's little boy.
He was 2 weeks old here.
He is perfect.
I wanted to load him up in my car and take him home.
Who wouldn't?
(Please ignore the unedited pictures.  I have not had a chance to do anything with these yet.)

It was a great trip but it is always good to get home to my kids.  Tyler was so happy to see that Gale had sent him a bag full of carrots.
I was worried about leaving the kids with Jacob during the week with school going on but they seemed to do good.
They did tell me that they were happy I was home though.


Sorry for the lack of blogging lately.  I went out of town last Tuesday for a quick trip to Lockhart/Luling and things have just been so fast and furious since I returned.  I just can't get on top of things.  I am run down.  I am sick and when we aren't working on the house I just want to sleep.  (So unlike me!)  I am usually a night owl and that is when I get most of my blogging done, but lately I am doing good to even stay up until 10.  I am just done and I am trying to listen to my body when it says it has had enough.

My quick trip was for a doctor's appointment and seeing my friends was an added bonus.  I really needed the break even if it did mean I spent 4.5 hours on the road each way.  Bonnie (not pictured) just had a baby 2 weeks earlier so getting to meet little Levi was awesome!  Unfortunately someone had broken into Jake and Bonnie's cars and Jake's shop the night before so it really put a damper on our time.  Bonnie was really shaken up and understandably so because whoever had done this was also right outside her daughter's window and had dropped a pipe cutter just outside the window.  It still makes me sick typing this.  I was staying with her so that I could take some pictures of Levi.  When I got there she was ready to get out of the house so we headed over to Gale's.  It was just what we all needed.  Gale had no idea I was coming in so we had to surprise her with carrots.  I was happy that we managed to pull it off.  It was a great relaxing night.
I love my friends!