Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am learning now more than ever what it means to truly be home.
For the past year and a half it has been pure chaos.  I haven't felt settled.  I haven't felt content.  I haven't slept well at all. 
Now...everything is different.
I can relax.  I can sleep.  I am not on edge all of the time.
I am happy.
All of this didn't come because we have a shiny new home. 
(Although I do love the shiny new part.)
It comes from knowing that this is where we are meant to be and that this is where we plan on staying for the rest of our lives.
We are settled...
And it is WONDERFUL! 
The move went well thanks to Jacob's friend Brent and his father in law.  We closed on Friday and we had all of the major stuff moved in by Saturday night. 
The bad part was being without phone and Internet for a month and a half.
There is still a lot of work to be done on the house.  That will all come in time.  The yard needs a lot of work.  We need to get our rocking chairs and porch swings put together and hung up.  I still don't have a dining room table or bar stools.  (They have been ordered but aren't here yet.)  I also need to hang a lot of pictures up but I am just going to live in the space for awhile before I make any decisions. 
So here are the pictures of the house finished up as much as it is going to be for awhile. 
This is my favorite room...the Laundry room.  It is so functional.  I love it!
Master bedroom.
Master Bath 
Jackson's room...He has a hunting themed room. 
Boys bath. 
Tyler's John Deere room. 
He is so happy to have his own space. 
Jaci's pink big girl room.  She is so thrilled to be out of the baby crib!
(We are so happy to have her out of our room!) 
I still need to refinish her bed and dressers.  They were mine as a child and are pretty beat up.  I am going to paint the dresser white to match everything else. 
She even has her pink ceiling fan. 
Jaci's bathroom.  It is also pink. 
I am happy with how it all turned out! 
And now just for old time sake here are pictures of the kids sleeping in their new rooms for the first time.
Obviously the move and lack of Internet has thrown off my plans to repeat my 365 project but at least I kept it going through out the building process.  I will figure out some type of a posting schedule because believe it or not I have actually missed my nightly posting and picture taking. 
(I think my kids and camera have enjoyed the break though.) 
I'll get back on track with something sooner rather than later. 
Thanks for following this journey from the first day of January 2010 when Jacob was leaving us to take his new job up until now when we are finally settled in our new home.
It has been quite the journey.