Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's been awhile...

Yes...I realize it has been quite awhile since my last blog post.  I have had several people mention that they miss the updates so I figured I better catch everyone up.
I left off with Tyler being sick.  Then I got really sick with double pneumonia which I just haven't been able to shake.  My energy level is so low that by the time I get the kids to bed and pick up I am not thinking about blogging.  I also started working 2 days a week and then the kids have SO MANY activities that we are just wiped out.  I miss blogging.  I am sad that I haven't been able to keep up the way I wanted to.  I am really going to try to at least do a weekly recap because I love having it all down on here.  And now for the mother of all blog posts. (And WAY more pictures...or me taking...than you probably care to see!)
We celebrated Jaci's 5th birthday by doing absolutely nothing.  I feel so bad because I was planning on having her and Tyler a party together, but I was sick and just couldn't get it together. 
I did make a very sad attempt at throwing her a cake together.  (I am NOT a cake decorator!)  I was just going off of stuff I had in my cabinet so it wasn't too fancy at all.  You know what?...She LOVED it!  It was pink with a cat on it and you can't go wrong with that combination of things with Jaci.
After Jaci's birthday we headed South to Lockhart.  Jaci had an appointment with her urologist in Austin and I had won some tickets to Schlitterbahn, so we decided to make the most of her appointment and cram a lot of activities into 3 days.  I also decided it would be the perfect time to go school clothes shopping at the outlet malls in San Marcos.  Sadly the men in my life got sidetracked at Cabelas and my time at the outlet malls was limited to about an hour.  We stayed with my dear friend Gale in their new guest cabin.  It was perfect for us. The next day we headed out to Schlitterbahn.  Gale and her daughter Alex came along to help us out which was a good thing because I was running a fever of 104 and thought I was going to die.  They did the rides with Jacob and the kids while I stayed in the lazy river and tried to survive the day.  By the way...Have I mentioned that I have the best friends in the world?  We finished off the night cooking out with Jake and Bonnie and more swimming at Gale's house.  I stayed put on the couch and while everyone around me enjoyed visiting.  Jacob hadn't seen Bonnie's husband Jake since we moved so they had a great time together.      The next day Jaci had her appointment in Austin.  We were hoping that this would be Jaci's last appointment since she has been doing so well since her surgery, but her ultrasound showed that her one kidney that has always been smaller didn't grow at the same rate as the other.  It has always been smaller, but has always grown at the same rate as the other and this time it didn't.  As a result of that we are going to have to continue monitoring it.
After her appointment we took the kids to the Texas State History museum to see Tornado Alley at the Imax theater.  When we left there we decided to take the kids to see the Capital.  Jackson had always wanted to go and see it, but we never made it there while we lived in Lockhart.
They enjoyed it for about the first 5 minutes and then they were ready to go.
Shortly after returning home all 3 of my kids started school.   :(
Jackson started the 3rd Grade.
Tyler started Kindergarten.
Jaci started Kindergarten.
We have enjoyed Friday night football games cheering on the Albany Lions.

Mid September we headed to College Station to meet up with Bonnie and Jake and take the kids to their very first Aggie football game!
We decided to get the full experience and take the kids to midnight yell as well.  They didn't quite know what to think.
The next day we all loaded up and headed to the game.
(They weren't excited at all!)
We experienced the kids yell practice.
Met Dave the head yell leader.
High fived the Aggie football players as the came into Kyle Field.
(Jackson was on cloud 9!)
Sharing the experience with the kids was priceless.  They truly didn't know what to think of it all.  There is no place like Aggieland on a game day!

The kids waved their 12th man towels and were so into the game!
The loves of my life...
After the game and an Aggie win we headed down to the field to celebrate.
They thought it was so cool to be able to go onto the field.
Our group of future Aggies.
Skylar, Jaci, Tyler and Jackson

We took in the Homecoming parade in downtown Albany.
The boys participated in Punt Pass and Kick.

Tyler and Jaci took their first big field trip to the Abilene Zoo.
We just started Soccer.  Tyler and Jaci are on the same team.
Tyler scored a goal in his first game!
I don't have any pictures from Jackson's first game.  It was at the same time as Jaci and Tyler's game.
He did a great job though.
We survived our first major Kindergarten project which was to make scarecrows and dress like scarecrows. It was a little intimidating at first but they turned out so cute!
You can tell the boys are really working hard.
(And no...I didn't pose them like this.  I walked out the front door to find them like this and had to run and get my camera.)
Oh...and during this time Jaci also got her ears pierced!  She is growing up so fast.
Don't you just love her beautiful strawberry blond hair and freckles?  She fixed her hair herself in these pictures.
And that catches you up with what's been going on!
I am happy to say we have survived one of the hottest Summers on record and I am now sitting here with my windows open and a wonderful Fall breeze blowing through our house.  It is Heavenly!
Hope you all are doing well and having a wonderful Fall!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Bad asthma attack =
Sleeping with mommy.
Tyler has been doing really good for the past year and we have managed to wean him off all of his steroids but this is the 3rd asthma attack in 5 days.  That isn't a good sign.
Not sure what is going on with him, but he has his 6 year well child check tomorrow and I guess we will discuss it then.
(Yes, he is sunburned as well.)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Every night in the peaceful quiet moments, after the kids have gone to bed, after everything is put up and cleaned up for the night and after everything is set out and ready to go for the next morning I sit down to this.

The soft glow of the lamp.  Everybody loves Raymond.  A glass of wine and blogger.
I am so glad I am back on track.
I have really missed this time that I take to reflect on our day.  When I didn't make myself do it I never felt like I truly unwound from the day.
Now I sit and look back on the day and prepare for the next day.
It is good for my soul.
Even if it means nothing.  Even if it is about nothing.  Even if nobody is out there reading it.
It is my time that I make myself take for me.
Today I bought Texas A&M football tickets for us.
Jackson has been begging to go to a game for a couple of years now.  We decided that we would go this year as an early birthday present.
He is so excited.
So are we!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


When I grow up... 
I want to be... 
Just like my dad.


Jackson worked hard mowing the yard again this weekend.  He is really getting good at it.
(I'm still not completely comfortable with it.) 
Tyler and Jaci were also hard at work.  They were supposed to be hauling grass but when they weren't hauling grass they were hauling something else.
Do you spy what I do in this picture? 
They crack me up!


JUMPING some more! 
This is what their summer has looked like!