Friday, April 30, 2010

120/365 Carrots!!!

This afternoon I was just sitting down to put my makeup on when I heard the doorbell ring. I was super annoyed that some salesmen were coming by and thought about not even answering it. Then I remembered that I had a UPS order that was going to be coming in soon so I decided to get the door. When I opened it up I found carrots...and my 2 best friends Bonnie and Gale! They had been working with Jacob for weeks to surprise me and they managed to pull it off without me having a clue. I was so happy. Happy like you run away...jump up and down and then cry happy! It was awesome! They are kidnapping me for the night so I am getting this done early. I am SO HAPPY!!! Blissfully...unbelievably HAPPY!!!
They are the BEST!!!
Oh...and if you are wondering about the carrots it is because my kids always LOVED to go to Gale's house and pick carrots.  The other day Gale mentioned that she was out getting carrots out of her garden and got sad and it made me sad as well.  She dug them all up and her and Bonnie each had a vase of carrots in their hands.  Tyler has already ate 3 of them!  I love my friends!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I worked all day to get the house cleaned and all of our bedding washed up.  I hate trying to keep up with this house.  It seems like as soon as I dust it and sweep the floors it needs to be done again in an hour.  Drives me crazy!  I am happy to have it done.
Something has been going on with the kids lately.  They seem much more accident prone than usual.  Jackson fell out of a tree and scraped up his arm really bad last Friday.  His arm still looks terrible.  Last night he came in and had wrecked his bike and messed up his arm even more.  Tonight Jacob came to the door and yelled at me to get the peroxide and a box of band aids because Jaci and Jackson had both wrecked their bikes.  Of course it is the same arm and now hand with Jackson as well as his knee.  Jaci just got her knee.  I swear, I think Jackson's teacher is going to think we are abusing him because his arm is a mess.  It really looks bad.  Tyler is riding like a champ without his training wheels and hasn't wrecked yet.  (knock on wood!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The weather here in the afternoon has just been beautiful this week.  Today Jackson didn't have as much homework as he normally does so we were able to get outside and enjoy the afternoon much earlier than we normally do.  It was so nice to not be trapped in the house from 3-6!  I know that the kids all enjoyed it as well.

We are all so much happier when we can get out of this little house and enjoy the fresh air.

Our plan is to have our house plans done and ready to go by this weekend and have a final decision on where we will build done as well so that we can meet with the builder and get things moving along.  We are making ourselves set deadlines so that we don't just spend forever trying to make a decision.  The ultimate goal is to be in our new house by October 1st.  I hope we can make it happen.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Somebody didn't feel well again today...
In fact he was up from about 2am on throwing up.
I really don't want to overreact but Tyler has had a lot of things going on lately and he has thrown up at least once a week for almost the past month.  That along with all of his headaches (2-4 a week) have me concerned.  I talked with his doctor about the headaches before we moved here and she thought perhaps allergies could be causing them but he doesn't really have allergies (esp. since we moved here).  The other thing is that they are always in the same spot on his head (above his right ear).  I just don't know what to do but at this point I have to do something more than what we are doing because he is miserable with the headaches and it is hard to watch him hurt.  The throwing up could just be a simple stomach virus but he sure has had a lot of them lately and nobody else is catching it.  Tyler does have a weaker immune system from being on the steroids he takes for his lungs so he might just be picking up things that don't really phase the other kids.  I'm calling and trying to get in with a pediatrician tomorrow.  We at least need to start somewhere and try to figure this out.
We had to run to Abilene tonight so we left the house right when Jacob got home and didn't come back until well after bed time.  Sorry for the terrible pictures.  We were leaving Wal-Mart and the kids were over shopping and looking at houses.  I was too! 
It is late and I am about to head to bed.  Last night was a long night for us all and I am tired!

Monday, April 26, 2010


When good things....
Go bad.
Today Jacob took off work and we tried to take care of some things that we needed to do so that we can get moving on our house. I think we have finally made some decisions regarding where we will build and we kind of drew out a sketch of the house plans but now we can't figure out our furniture layout so we are questioning our plans. We need to get these done this week and to the architect to finalize them soon.
The kids enjoyed some good outside time this afternoon. We had ice cream outside today and this evening Jackson had a double header baseball game. It was so COLD tonight. We dressed kind of warm with long sleeves and pants and jackets for the kids but in between the two games I ran home and got us blankets. It is crazy to me that it is this cold at the end of April. We certainly didn't experience that in Lockhart.  We only have one more double header on Saturday and then we are done with baseball for the season.  I am ready.  Sitting there in the stands feels so lonely.  People haven't really opened up much to us so we sit alone with the kids while everyone around us visits.  I would love to jump in in some of the conversations but don't know how well it would be received.  We speak to the parents when we walk up but they just don't continue the conversation.  That is really stepping out of our element because both Jacob and I tend to hold back and not put ourselves out there to make new friends.  We are actually trying because this is where we will live and where our kids will graduate from so we will be around these parents for a long time.  Tonight 2 moms behind us were talking about running and working out here and I just wanted to ask them if I could join them because I really miss having a work out buddy.  It just made me homesick.  I'm sure we just need more time.  It took us about 5 years to have friends that we really considered to be good friends in Lockhart.  There are so many things we love here but right now it is hard to stay focused on them when everything seems so unsettled.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Little Hands...
Today we started the day off slow.  I was up a lot of the night with Tyler.  He finally stopped throwing up around 2am but was really restless all night.  It was a long night!  He hasn't felt great today but did want to get outside this afternoon.

The other day the kids picked out some seeds and wanted to start a garden.  Jackson thought getting these little planters were the way to go.  The kids loved planting their seeds and are looking forward to transfering them into their garden space.  Hopefully things will be growing good before we move but even if they are not the kids still had a great time planting them.  They love having a growing project each summer to care for and learn about the process.  They also think it is OK to eat stuff that they grow when they wouldn't have otherwise touched it.
It was a beautiful day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

114/365 Take 2...

We are here....
Earlier we were there...
In between here and there was a lot of thowing up!

Today we headed out to Gail, Tx around 12:30. We stopped off in Anson and got Sonic for lunch, (Oh how I have missed my Sonic Happy Hour fix!) and made it to Gail around 3pm. The kids played outside for awhile and then we took a walk to see the school and town. That's when Tyler got sick...really sick! We thought maybe it was because of all the excitement and because he had been jumping on the trampoline and then was running around. He then proceeded to throw up 4 more times over the next 2 hours which left us no choice but to get on the road again and head back home. Tyler threw up several times on the drive home even after we stopped off and got him some anti-nausea meds at the Wal-Mart pharmacy in Snyder. Jackson and Jaci were upset that we had to leave so soon and I couldn't stand the thought of returning to our little depressing house when I was so excited about a weekend away. He is still throwing up so we made the right call to head home but it sure isn't what we wanted to do. In the end we spent around 5.5 hours in the car, 2.5 hours with our friends (30 minutes of it without vomit) and now we prepare for a long night ahead with a sick kid. Hopefully no one else will get sick. (Both here and there!)
Brent and friends since first grade!
Tired of the car!

Tyler walked in the door and went in his room and passed out on the floor.  I took this about 3 minutes after we pulled in the driveway.


We are getting ready to head out the door to baseball and then off to Brent & Shela's house for the weekend.  The kids are so excited.  Jaci is esp. excited because they have 3 girls.  She can't wait for some girl time!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Today we set out to take Bluebonnet pictures (AKA...the annual torture session). This year didn't disappoint on the drama. We got out there and the wind was blowing like crazy. Jaci was mad because she said the bluebonnets hurt her. Tyler was flashing his fake smile every chance he got. (Even when I would tell him NOT to look at me or smile!) Jackson attempted to climb a tree while I was taking pictures of Tyler and fell out of it. He scrapped his arm really bad so the rest of the shoot was filled with tears and blood. It was not fun and I am not overly happy with the pictures. I took around 200 and still need to go in and try to clean them up and edit them. Jackson's face is just so red from having an extra long recess today and then from crying. I need to try to fix it but I am too tired to mess with it tonight.
We are heading to some of our friend's house tomorrow after Jackson's baseball game. We are all excited that we now live close enough to them that we can make a quick weekend trip. It should be a lot of fun. I will try to post in the morning before we leave because I don't think I will be getting on the internet tomorrow night. If I don't get my post up tomorrow I will make up for it on Sunday. :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!