Thursday, April 1, 2010

91/365 Three Months Down!

I am so happy to have made it 3 months keeping this blog up!  There have been times when I wasn't sure I would be able to keep it up but I am so glad that I have.  The past few months have brought so much change to our family and I am glad to have a record of it.  I hope that I am able to keep this up through the next year because we still have a lot of changes ahead of us!

Today Jackson had an early release from school and we headed to Robert Lee.  It is so nice to be in a big cozy house that feels like a home.  The kids were so happy to get here and play in the sandbox and have some space to run.    We are all happy to be here where there is AC.  It has been HOT the past few days and we don't have AC in our house.  We are going to have to figure that out soon.  It has been so hot the past 2 nights that I haven't slept well so it will be nice to have AC tonight!  Jacob has been busy with work and won't be able to come in until tomorrow night or Saturday morning.  It is going to be a nice realixng weekend!  Hope you all have a great Easter weekend as well!

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