Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I worked all day to get the house cleaned and all of our bedding washed up.  I hate trying to keep up with this house.  It seems like as soon as I dust it and sweep the floors it needs to be done again in an hour.  Drives me crazy!  I am happy to have it done.
Something has been going on with the kids lately.  They seem much more accident prone than usual.  Jackson fell out of a tree and scraped up his arm really bad last Friday.  His arm still looks terrible.  Last night he came in and had wrecked his bike and messed up his arm even more.  Tonight Jacob came to the door and yelled at me to get the peroxide and a box of band aids because Jaci and Jackson had both wrecked their bikes.  Of course it is the same arm and now hand with Jackson as well as his knee.  Jaci just got her knee.  I swear, I think Jackson's teacher is going to think we are abusing him because his arm is a mess.  It really looks bad.  Tyler is riding like a champ without his training wheels and hasn't wrecked yet.  (knock on wood!)

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  1. I'm Nicki...
    I'm sure I found your blog through Iheartfaces..
    Your kids really are so cute! And sorry for so many bruises and bumps!

    - nicki