Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The weather here in the afternoon has just been beautiful this week.  Today Jackson didn't have as much homework as he normally does so we were able to get outside and enjoy the afternoon much earlier than we normally do.  It was so nice to not be trapped in the house from 3-6!  I know that the kids all enjoyed it as well.

We are all so much happier when we can get out of this little house and enjoy the fresh air.

Our plan is to have our house plans done and ready to go by this weekend and have a final decision on where we will build done as well so that we can meet with the builder and get things moving along.  We are making ourselves set deadlines so that we don't just spend forever trying to make a decision.  The ultimate goal is to be in our new house by October 1st.  I hope we can make it happen.

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