Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today was just a low key day aound here.  I feel like I am getting sicker with this crud I have.  Now my throat feels like I swallowed razor blades.  Not good!   I just didn't feel like doing much of anything today.  I hope the kids don't come down with it.  We have been waiting all day for rain and still got very little this evening.  The weather and temps have been amazing though and are perfect for playing outside.  (If only the pollen wasn't so bad!)  I hope we get some more rain this evening so that it can wash some of this away!
I spent most of the day working on my laptop trying to get it cleaned up, backed up and defragmented.  It has been a long prosess but much needed..  I have so many pictures on here from this blog project and they needed to be transfered.  It freed up a lot of space but it is still defragmenting (since 2:15 this afternoon!).  That is the second one I have run today as well because I was worried about deleting too much and leaving huge holes in my hard drive so I would delete and then defragment and then delete again.  I hope it finished up tonight and that I have a super fast computer in the morning.  :)
No creative pictures tonight.  I just don't feel like it and my photoshop isn't working and I don't want to restart the computer in the middle of this process.
I'm off to bed!

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