Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sorry...My pictures today are terrible.  We headed out this morning to go meet up with a builder in the Abilene area and were gone until 8:30 tonight.  It was a LONG day and we were all ready to get home.  By the time we got in and unloaded groceries and fed the kids they were in no mood for pictures.
It was kind of one of those flash a fake smile and yell DONE to me kind of nights.  I don't blame them.
We have been here exactly one month today and I am a little disappointed that we aren't at least a little further along in getting our house built although I am so happy to report that today we did find our builder.  I feel so relieved to have found one and he seems fabulous and offers a lot of things that others don't which is a HUGE plus.  He also is willing to do it within our budget.  I think we will be able to get a house close to exactly what we want and be able to do it within our budget.  Now we just need to find the plan we want!
In other news we have added 2 new members to our family.  We lost one fish and gained 2.  Jaci decided that since the boys each had a fish she needed one as well.  We couldn't argue with that.  We now have Snow White and Bubbles in addition to Kiss the goldfish.  The lady at Wal-Mart got a kick out of Snow White being and orange fish.  That's what happens when you let your kids name pets!  LOL

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