Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Somebody didn't feel well again today...
In fact he was up from about 2am on throwing up.
I really don't want to overreact but Tyler has had a lot of things going on lately and he has thrown up at least once a week for almost the past month.  That along with all of his headaches (2-4 a week) have me concerned.  I talked with his doctor about the headaches before we moved here and she thought perhaps allergies could be causing them but he doesn't really have allergies (esp. since we moved here).  The other thing is that they are always in the same spot on his head (above his right ear).  I just don't know what to do but at this point I have to do something more than what we are doing because he is miserable with the headaches and it is hard to watch him hurt.  The throwing up could just be a simple stomach virus but he sure has had a lot of them lately and nobody else is catching it.  Tyler does have a weaker immune system from being on the steroids he takes for his lungs so he might just be picking up things that don't really phase the other kids.  I'm calling and trying to get in with a pediatrician tomorrow.  We at least need to start somewhere and try to figure this out.
We had to run to Abilene tonight so we left the house right when Jacob got home and didn't come back until well after bed time.  Sorry for the terrible pictures.  We were leaving Wal-Mart and the kids were over shopping and looking at houses.  I was too! 
It is late and I am about to head to bed.  Last night was a long night for us all and I am tired!

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