Sunday, April 25, 2010


Little Hands...
Today we started the day off slow.  I was up a lot of the night with Tyler.  He finally stopped throwing up around 2am but was really restless all night.  It was a long night!  He hasn't felt great today but did want to get outside this afternoon.

The other day the kids picked out some seeds and wanted to start a garden.  Jackson thought getting these little planters were the way to go.  The kids loved planting their seeds and are looking forward to transfering them into their garden space.  Hopefully things will be growing good before we move but even if they are not the kids still had a great time planting them.  They love having a growing project each summer to care for and learn about the process.  They also think it is OK to eat stuff that they grow when they wouldn't have otherwise touched it.
It was a beautiful day!

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