Saturday, April 10, 2010

100/365 April 10th is a GREAT Day!

Today is a good day. April 10th will always be a good day. We started off our morning with Jackson's first baseball game. He did pretty good. I think he got a little nervous and missed a few easy plays but overall he did great. My mom came in today to watch his game and is staying here tonight. The kids are happy to have her sleep in our small house. They were so excited to show her around. (Not that there is much to show.)
Speaking of my mom...SHE is the reason that April 10th will always be a great day. Three years ago today I woke up and drove to Houston to be with my mom as she had a double mastectomy to remove her breast cancer.  It was a long day. It was a stressful day...and then the news came that everything looked like it was clear and they got it all. Three years ago today my mom woke up in the morning with breast cancer and went to bed that night cancer free. April 10th is indeed a wonderful day. Early detection saves lives and it saved hers. Her surgery was terrible. Her recovery was long. She is scarred up. She is also cancer FREE! She was so fortunate that she didn't have to do chemo or radiation but she did pay her dues. She is my hero! I celebrate this day and the fact that she was here TODAY cancer FREE to enjoy this beautiful day with us.
April 10th is a great day!

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