Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today started off like any other day. Take the Jackson to school. Try to keep the little ones from fighting all day. Jaci not eating her food. Tyler getting upset because he misses Lockhart and of course then there is the homework drama. Just another day in the Chapman household.
So proud of himself!
After supper tonight the kids headed outside to ride bikes. I was finishing up a few things in the kitchen and headed out in time to discover that Tyler had broke his training wheel on his bike. I told Jacob to just take them off because he had been riding pretty good for awhile now. Jacob took the training wheels off and we finally convinced Tyler that he would be ok trying to ride. Jacob told him that he would hold onto the bike but just as Tyler started to pedal he yelled for Jacob to let go and he took off. Jackson did the same thing. There was no stopping him. I was amazed that he could even get started all on his own. He was so proud of himself.
After we came in and got baths we went in to the boys room to put them to bed and discovered that one of their fish was floating. It was Jackson's fish and he didn't take it well. Poor thing was put to rest in the potty and is now out in the ocean. Ty and Jaci thought it was pretty cool that it got to go in the potty. Jackson was not as happy.
Goodbye Huggie Bear fish...
It is amazing how on a night when I thought I would have nothing to blog about I now have a full post. I love when days turn out fun when you don't expect them to. (Well...the fish funeral wasn't fun but watching Tyler tonight just made my day!)

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  1. I knew he could do it when he saw him riding in Lockhart without them touching down.