Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter! We had a wonderful day today! The kids woke up (early) and discovered that the Easter Bunny had come to see them. They were so excited and ready to start hunting eggs right away. They were not in the mood for me to take pictures of them before the hunt or during the hunt. I snapped quite a few but the boys were moving so fast that most of them are them running with blur. I hate that but was able to get some cute pictures of the day.
We had a wonderful lunch (my mom's cooking this weekend was amazing!) and then the adults had a scavenger hunt where we each had 8 clues to follow to get to our final prize egg. It was SO MUCH fun! We all had the same final prize but somebody (ME!!!) found all of her eggs first. Needless to say my streak of winning at egg hunts has not been broken! (Even though technically there wasn't a winner I did find all of my eggs FIRST!!!) Jacob and Jackson left shortly after the hunt and the little ones and I stayed one more night. Jacob was going to get a window AC unit this afternoon so I decided it was better for us to stay out of the way and stay here where there is AC. :)  The kids had a great evening of bike and tricycle riding.
One of the kids favorite activities while here...riding on the "tractor" and being pulled in the wagon. 
I love how you can see the cast of the sunset in this picture!

It was a great day and once again the kids are exhausted as am I. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Taking the time to capture the beauty of a West Texas sunset.  I thought these turned out really cool.  I love the sun flair in the first one.  It is really hard to caputre just the right amount of flair without it blowing out the picture. mom and grandma hid one of my eggs HERE...and you wonder why we used to be bleeding at the end of our egg hunts.  It did draw me over to the beauty of this angle when looking up at the flowers.  Looks pointy and cool!

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  1. That last picture is unbelievably pretty - it looks fake, but I know it's not!