Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been busy...

I feel so bad. I can see people coming here checking for an update and I have been such a bad blogger for not posting one. I've been busy!

I promise I will get an update on the past month up soon! Between traveling to San Francisco (GORGEOUS!!! Awesome trip with TONS of pictures), having company in town, me not feeling well (more on that later) and the kids activities I have just been so busy and haven't been on the computer as much lately.

Jackson finished up his last day on Kindergarten today and I can't believe he is finished with his first year of school. It went by SO fast! He did awesome and stayed on Green (behavior chart) all year long without ever even getting a warning. I am so proud of him!

So...back to me not feeling good. I have been having issues and a lot of pain since the end of January which we thought might be my heart. Had tons of tests and they found an issue with my heart but it was not the only issue. I have continued to have these very severe pains that are FAR WORSE than labor for the past several months. I have gone to my doctor a couple of times and asked if it could be my gallbladder or anything else and was told that they didn't think it was. They thought it was just my heart issue. After having a severe attack while in San Francisco I went in and insisted the doctor order an abdominal ultrasound. He reluctantly did and it showed that I have gallbladder disease and that my gallbladder is completely full of gallstones. Go Figure!!! They said it needs to come out immediately to which I told them I was going out of town and would deal with it next week. They weren't happy about that but these are the same people who have ignored me begging for answers for several months now. What's one weekend of me going out of town. (Tyler was out here in Robert Lee so I had to come and get him!) From what they tell me it looks like I will be having surgery no later than Thurs. or Friday of next week. I am not thrilled about it but I am happy to finally have some answers and hopefully an end to this pain.

SO....what does this mean??? It means I will be in bed resting and will hopefully have time to update my blog with TONS of pictures which is why you all come here anyway...Right? I promise to do better and hopefully in the weeks that I am out of commission I will get all caught up and will stay on top of things. I also have some exciting things in the works that I hope to be sharing soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shredding and Easter...a great combo!

The past week has been crazy busy so I haven't had a chance to update on the 30 Day Shred or our Easter. I am still shredding and feeling great! Day 3 I was still sore but by the end of the day I felt good. By day 4 the soreness was gone and I was feeling strong. I still have the urge to kick Jillian Michaels butt when she says to kick your butt ( do these butt kicks and she tells you to kick your butt). Um...yeah...if you were here I would really be tempted to kick your butt Jillian but I am seeing results and have a TON of energy after I do the shred so I guess I can't complain too much. I have also lost 2.5 pounds in the past week so that's good. Oh...and I never thought I would look forward to doing crunches but after doing the 3 minutes of strength training and then the 2 minutes of cardio I am so ready to lay down and so my crunches.(repeat this 3 times and that's the workout) Kind of funny since I have always HATED crunches with a passion. This workout actually makes me look forward to crunches. If you are looking for an awesome 20 minute workout that will give you results I HIGHLY recommend you start shredding!

We had a great Easter here at home. We have decided that Easter will be our holiday at home since we travel EVERY other holiday. We got up early Sunday morning and went to church with some friends of ours. It was our first time at this church and we really enjoyed it. I think after all these years we have finally found a church we are comfortable at and the kids are comfortable at. One of Jackson's kindergarten teachers was there and he agreed to go to Children's church with her. It was great since he doesn't like new situations like that. He cried about going for days before we went so I was happy it went well. After church we had lunch and the kids took a nap while the Easter bunny came. It was raining that morning so he (or she since I did all the work) was late getting the eggs out. We didn't dye eggs since the boys are both allergic and I don't need to be eating them so it was just the candy filled ones. (LIKE I REALLY NEED TO HAVE A BUNCH OF CANDY AROUND!!!) I have done good though and only gave into the temptation to eat peeps a few times. (Have I mentioned that my weakness is Peeps...stale peeps. You open them up and leave them out for a day or two. They are to die for that way!!!) Anyways...The kids had a great time hunting eggs. Tyler was definitely the egg hunting champion. (He takes after his mamma!) :) He ran around like a wild man collecting them. Jaci was more excited about talking on her new Hello Kitty phone while hunting eggs so she didn't do too well. Jackson liked to look at what was inside them as he got them so it slowed him down.

After hunting the eggs we went and let the kids fly their new kite. Every other one we have bought we have never managed to get up in the air so we were really excited that it finally worked. Of course all the wind we've been having didn't hurt matters. Jaci and Jackson loved it...Tyler wanted to go eat chocolate and didn't even try to fly it. He loves chocolate.

I guess that's about it for now...I'll keep everyone posted on my shredding progress as I prepare to enter phase 2 in the next couple of days. Here are a TON of pictures from Easter. The kids of course wouldn't cooperate with my picture taking so you get a lot of randomness! :) I think they get tired of having a camera in there face ALL-THE-TIME! :)
The Easter Bunny came.
The kids ready to go hunt eggs.
Jackson sneaking a peek of what's inside the eggs.
Jaci ready to start hunting.
Running around.
Jaci May
This girl WILL NOT smile for the camera! Drives me crazy!
Jackson making sure it is his egg.
Jaci with her phone.
Tyler running after eggs.
Found another one.
Jaci talking on her phone.
Jackson with his eggs.
Tyler with his bucket full.
The kids with the rabbit...this was the best one. Johnny hopper wasn't too happy about all the egg hunting going on in the back yard.
Jackson's first time flying a kite.
Jackson and Jaci with the kite.
Jacob with the kids and kite.
Tyler's chocolate bunny!
Tyler eating his chocolate bunny.
The boys and their bubbles.
Jackson playing with his bubble wand.
Jaci sister and I both used to stick our tongues out when we would concentrate.
Tyler with his bubble wand.
Ty Ty... :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Shred...Day 2

I woke up this morning so sore I could barely move. Thanks to the NyQuil I took last night I didn't have to feel the pain while I slept but I felt it this morning. Jaci woke up screaming and I went to jump out of bed to get her...there was no jumping. It was more like shifting my legs that felt like they each weighed a ton across the hallway. I enter her room and she holds up her arms wanting me to get her out of her bed. I reach down and suddenly have the urge to arms are on fire! I try to convince her to walk to my room so I can go get back in bed but she is having no part of that...she wants me to carry her. I shuffle back into my room and lay her in my bed with Tyler who has now been awakened by all of the commotion. I think about climbing back into bed myself but decide that it will be much too painful...I opt to soak in a warm bath. Kids are now happily watching cartoons so I head off to a nice steaming bath.

After my bath I am feeling better. I can actually move and although brushing my hair and teeth are challenging I manage to get it done without screaming out in pain. I gather up the kids and their clothes for the day and we head down stairs. With each step I take my legs are cramping up and feeling like they are going to buckle under me. We get downstairs and I manage to make it though our morning routine of me unloading the dishwasher and making breakfast and decide that before I sit down I should go ahead and Shred! I am afraid that if I sit I won't get back up.

It actually felt good to do the workout....well kind of...actually, not really. did feel good to push through the pain and get it done. I know it is working...believe me...I can feel the burn! After the workout I have TONS of energy but no strength to do anything with it. I am hoping that by tomorrow or the next day I will be able to function like a normal human being. This is seriously the most amazing 20 minutes of pain that you will every willingly put yourself though. I have no doubt that if I stick to the 30 Day Shred that I will have a changed body at the end of it. (and I mean changed as in toned body...not hunched over so sore you can't move cursing Jillian Michaels with every step you take body) Oh...and if you are wondering who this Jillian Michaels is you can check her out on The Biggest Loser tonight at 7pm on NBC. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shredding with the Sisterhood

I Shred with the Sisterhood!

What have I got myself into??? In an effort to get into really good shape for this summer and prepare for a couple of adventure races I have coming up I am joining the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and Shredding into summer! I entered a blog contest over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans to win the 30 day Shred DVD by Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser trainer). They were giving away 7 copies and out of a all the people who entered I won a copy. I have tried the workout before and I couldn't walk the next day. I'm a little scared...but as soon as the kids go down for a nap I will get to shredding! I have also been walking and running a lot as well as doing weight training so hopefully the Shred won't kick by tail end like it did last time. 30 days...22 minutes a day...I will keep you posted on the results!

ETA.....OK...I just finished doing the Shred and all I can say is OMG...I think I am going to die. I seriously contemplated throwing my weights through the TV just so I don't have to do it tomorrow. I figured I better type this update now because I'm not sure I will be able to type later this evening. This DVD will seriously kick your butt! I've been walking 4 miles a day, running 1 mile and doing weight training so I didn't think it would totally kill me but it did. Of course it doesn't help that I am sick and trying to cough up a lung but I can't use that as an excuse. I hope it all pays off!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

T-Ball, Company and sickness...Oh My!

T-Ball and company seems to be what our life consists of these days. Last weekend was was Jackson's first T-Ball game and Jacob's parent's came in for it. We had a great time between the T-Ball Parade, the game and then an early Easter egg hunt. The league has all of the teams do a float for a T-Ball parade and then they do a big entrance at the sports complex and then have opening ceremonies. Our team wasn't planning on doing a float until we learned at the last minute that all teams were required to do one. We just ended up painting some signs and decorating Jacob's truck and throwing the kids in the back of the truck. They really enjoyed it and we now have some good ideas for next years floats. Did I mention that it was FREEZING cold. It was in the upper 30's during the parade and around 42 at game time. The kids were such troopers! Now we are in full swing with games and practice consuming most of our spare time. I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like when we add the other 2 into the mix. Crazy!

Here comes our Rangers!
The kids in the back of the truck...the sun was doing strange things with my lens.
I don't even know what to say about my daughter's modeling abilities...I have no idea where she learned to strike a pose like this. As you can see it was cold and she was all bundled up!
First time up to bat for the 2009 season.
Ready for a ground ball.
On the move!

Jackson and Jacob on first base.

Jacob giving Jackson least he is listening!
I love the look on his face here! He is so focused!
Making a move for the ball.
Ready to run!

This weekend my mom came in and we had a great visit. The weather was really nice other than the wind which never seems to stop blowing! This has been the craziest and windiest winter/spring that I can remember. It has been a busy weekend with 2 T-Ball games and 2 birthday parties along with company. It was a lot of fun but I am exhausted! To top it all off the kids and I are sick and can't seem to get over it. I feel like all we have been doing is running non stop and I am starting to feel really run down. Doesn't look like things will slow down any time soon. I did my calendar the other day and I only have 4 days out of the next 2 months where we don't have something going on. I am going to go out to San Francisco the end of this month to visit my grandma and I could-not-be-more-EXCITED! I have been wanting to go out there for years but just haven't been able to make it happen. She is coming back to Texas for good in May so I decided it was now or never. Jacob and the kids won't be going and I am sad about that but at the same time it is going to be a nice relaxing trip for me. I'm sure I will be taking about a 1000 pictures. I can't wait to see it all!

I have really slacked off with the picture taking this past week since we have all been under the weather but I do have a lot from the opening weekend of T-Ball. I will try to get more pictures of Jaci and Tyler on here soon.

Tyler decorating Easter eggs in his Tractor underwear. I had to get a picture of him in this post.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pictures as promised

We are home after a long car ride! Tyler was so sad to leave and was upset with everyone so it made for a long trip home. He cried when we pulled into our neighborhood. He and my mom have such a special bond and he is always so sad to leave her.

Here are a few pictures from our trip. I just didn't feel well through out the week so I didn't take many.

Jaci Tyler

Jaci playing after taking pictures.
Jackson was playing around and got his arm stuck. I thought it was funny but he was mad I was taking a picture.
Looking at the ducks.
All of the kids feeding the ducks.
Tyler, Jaci and Jackson

Done with pictures and waking to the playground.

We're out of here!

Mom and Jaci. Jaci was tired of taking pictures!


Tiffany and Rhett
Mom and Tyler relaxing on the swing.
Jackson taking it easy.
Mom and the boys doing yard work.
Jaci swinging at the park.