Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shredding and Easter...a great combo!

The past week has been crazy busy so I haven't had a chance to update on the 30 Day Shred or our Easter. I am still shredding and feeling great! Day 3 I was still sore but by the end of the day I felt good. By day 4 the soreness was gone and I was feeling strong. I still have the urge to kick Jillian Michaels butt when she says to kick your butt ( do these butt kicks and she tells you to kick your butt). Um...yeah...if you were here I would really be tempted to kick your butt Jillian but I am seeing results and have a TON of energy after I do the shred so I guess I can't complain too much. I have also lost 2.5 pounds in the past week so that's good. Oh...and I never thought I would look forward to doing crunches but after doing the 3 minutes of strength training and then the 2 minutes of cardio I am so ready to lay down and so my crunches.(repeat this 3 times and that's the workout) Kind of funny since I have always HATED crunches with a passion. This workout actually makes me look forward to crunches. If you are looking for an awesome 20 minute workout that will give you results I HIGHLY recommend you start shredding!

We had a great Easter here at home. We have decided that Easter will be our holiday at home since we travel EVERY other holiday. We got up early Sunday morning and went to church with some friends of ours. It was our first time at this church and we really enjoyed it. I think after all these years we have finally found a church we are comfortable at and the kids are comfortable at. One of Jackson's kindergarten teachers was there and he agreed to go to Children's church with her. It was great since he doesn't like new situations like that. He cried about going for days before we went so I was happy it went well. After church we had lunch and the kids took a nap while the Easter bunny came. It was raining that morning so he (or she since I did all the work) was late getting the eggs out. We didn't dye eggs since the boys are both allergic and I don't need to be eating them so it was just the candy filled ones. (LIKE I REALLY NEED TO HAVE A BUNCH OF CANDY AROUND!!!) I have done good though and only gave into the temptation to eat peeps a few times. (Have I mentioned that my weakness is Peeps...stale peeps. You open them up and leave them out for a day or two. They are to die for that way!!!) Anyways...The kids had a great time hunting eggs. Tyler was definitely the egg hunting champion. (He takes after his mamma!) :) He ran around like a wild man collecting them. Jaci was more excited about talking on her new Hello Kitty phone while hunting eggs so she didn't do too well. Jackson liked to look at what was inside them as he got them so it slowed him down.

After hunting the eggs we went and let the kids fly their new kite. Every other one we have bought we have never managed to get up in the air so we were really excited that it finally worked. Of course all the wind we've been having didn't hurt matters. Jaci and Jackson loved it...Tyler wanted to go eat chocolate and didn't even try to fly it. He loves chocolate.

I guess that's about it for now...I'll keep everyone posted on my shredding progress as I prepare to enter phase 2 in the next couple of days. Here are a TON of pictures from Easter. The kids of course wouldn't cooperate with my picture taking so you get a lot of randomness! :) I think they get tired of having a camera in there face ALL-THE-TIME! :)
The Easter Bunny came.
The kids ready to go hunt eggs.
Jackson sneaking a peek of what's inside the eggs.
Jaci ready to start hunting.
Running around.
Jaci May
This girl WILL NOT smile for the camera! Drives me crazy!
Jackson making sure it is his egg.
Jaci with her phone.
Tyler running after eggs.
Found another one.
Jaci talking on her phone.
Jackson with his eggs.
Tyler with his bucket full.
The kids with the rabbit...this was the best one. Johnny hopper wasn't too happy about all the egg hunting going on in the back yard.
Jackson's first time flying a kite.
Jackson and Jaci with the kite.
Jacob with the kids and kite.
Tyler's chocolate bunny!
Tyler eating his chocolate bunny.
The boys and their bubbles.
Jackson playing with his bubble wand.
Jaci sister and I both used to stick our tongues out when we would concentrate.
Tyler with his bubble wand.
Ty Ty... :)

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  1. You were NOT a better egg hunter than me. Just some lucky breaks occasionally. Cute pics of the kiddos