Sunday, April 5, 2009

T-Ball, Company and sickness...Oh My!

T-Ball and company seems to be what our life consists of these days. Last weekend was was Jackson's first T-Ball game and Jacob's parent's came in for it. We had a great time between the T-Ball Parade, the game and then an early Easter egg hunt. The league has all of the teams do a float for a T-Ball parade and then they do a big entrance at the sports complex and then have opening ceremonies. Our team wasn't planning on doing a float until we learned at the last minute that all teams were required to do one. We just ended up painting some signs and decorating Jacob's truck and throwing the kids in the back of the truck. They really enjoyed it and we now have some good ideas for next years floats. Did I mention that it was FREEZING cold. It was in the upper 30's during the parade and around 42 at game time. The kids were such troopers! Now we are in full swing with games and practice consuming most of our spare time. I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like when we add the other 2 into the mix. Crazy!

Here comes our Rangers!
The kids in the back of the truck...the sun was doing strange things with my lens.
I don't even know what to say about my daughter's modeling abilities...I have no idea where she learned to strike a pose like this. As you can see it was cold and she was all bundled up!
First time up to bat for the 2009 season.
Ready for a ground ball.
On the move!

Jackson and Jacob on first base.

Jacob giving Jackson least he is listening!
I love the look on his face here! He is so focused!
Making a move for the ball.
Ready to run!

This weekend my mom came in and we had a great visit. The weather was really nice other than the wind which never seems to stop blowing! This has been the craziest and windiest winter/spring that I can remember. It has been a busy weekend with 2 T-Ball games and 2 birthday parties along with company. It was a lot of fun but I am exhausted! To top it all off the kids and I are sick and can't seem to get over it. I feel like all we have been doing is running non stop and I am starting to feel really run down. Doesn't look like things will slow down any time soon. I did my calendar the other day and I only have 4 days out of the next 2 months where we don't have something going on. I am going to go out to San Francisco the end of this month to visit my grandma and I could-not-be-more-EXCITED! I have been wanting to go out there for years but just haven't been able to make it happen. She is coming back to Texas for good in May so I decided it was now or never. Jacob and the kids won't be going and I am sad about that but at the same time it is going to be a nice relaxing trip for me. I'm sure I will be taking about a 1000 pictures. I can't wait to see it all!

I have really slacked off with the picture taking this past week since we have all been under the weather but I do have a lot from the opening weekend of T-Ball. I will try to get more pictures of Jaci and Tyler on here soon.

Tyler decorating Easter eggs in his Tractor underwear. I had to get a picture of him in this post.

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