Monday, April 26, 2010


When good things....
Go bad.
Today Jacob took off work and we tried to take care of some things that we needed to do so that we can get moving on our house. I think we have finally made some decisions regarding where we will build and we kind of drew out a sketch of the house plans but now we can't figure out our furniture layout so we are questioning our plans. We need to get these done this week and to the architect to finalize them soon.
The kids enjoyed some good outside time this afternoon. We had ice cream outside today and this evening Jackson had a double header baseball game. It was so COLD tonight. We dressed kind of warm with long sleeves and pants and jackets for the kids but in between the two games I ran home and got us blankets. It is crazy to me that it is this cold at the end of April. We certainly didn't experience that in Lockhart.  We only have one more double header on Saturday and then we are done with baseball for the season.  I am ready.  Sitting there in the stands feels so lonely.  People haven't really opened up much to us so we sit alone with the kids while everyone around us visits.  I would love to jump in in some of the conversations but don't know how well it would be received.  We speak to the parents when we walk up but they just don't continue the conversation.  That is really stepping out of our element because both Jacob and I tend to hold back and not put ourselves out there to make new friends.  We are actually trying because this is where we will live and where our kids will graduate from so we will be around these parents for a long time.  Tonight 2 moms behind us were talking about running and working out here and I just wanted to ask them if I could join them because I really miss having a work out buddy.  It just made me homesick.  I'm sure we just need more time.  It took us about 5 years to have friends that we really considered to be good friends in Lockhart.  There are so many things we love here but right now it is hard to stay focused on them when everything seems so unsettled.

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  1. What a bummer that nobody really wants to talk to ya'll. That's a small town for ya. Remind me to talk to new people in town...if I ever leave my house.