Saturday, April 24, 2010

114/365 Take 2...

We are here....
Earlier we were there...
In between here and there was a lot of thowing up!

Today we headed out to Gail, Tx around 12:30. We stopped off in Anson and got Sonic for lunch, (Oh how I have missed my Sonic Happy Hour fix!) and made it to Gail around 3pm. The kids played outside for awhile and then we took a walk to see the school and town. That's when Tyler got sick...really sick! We thought maybe it was because of all the excitement and because he had been jumping on the trampoline and then was running around. He then proceeded to throw up 4 more times over the next 2 hours which left us no choice but to get on the road again and head back home. Tyler threw up several times on the drive home even after we stopped off and got him some anti-nausea meds at the Wal-Mart pharmacy in Snyder. Jackson and Jaci were upset that we had to leave so soon and I couldn't stand the thought of returning to our little depressing house when I was so excited about a weekend away. He is still throwing up so we made the right call to head home but it sure isn't what we wanted to do. In the end we spent around 5.5 hours in the car, 2.5 hours with our friends (30 minutes of it without vomit) and now we prepare for a long night ahead with a sick kid. Hopefully no one else will get sick. (Both here and there!)
Brent and friends since first grade!
Tired of the car!

Tyler walked in the door and went in his room and passed out on the floor.  I took this about 3 minutes after we pulled in the driveway.

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