Monday, April 19, 2010

109/65 Got to get a little mud on the tires...

We have been trapped in the house with cold weather and rain for DAYS now and the kids are more than restless.  Today was the first day since Thursday that it wasn't raining so the kids busted out and went bike riding.  It was COLD and MUDDY but they at least got out of the house
Tyler busted the tire on Jackson's smaller old blue bike that he had been riding so we had to get out his John Deere bike.  He loves his John Deere bike but the training wheel on it was messed up and he hasn't been riding it.  It is also a little larger than Jackson's old blue bike so it is a little difficult for him to ride.  He did ok on it with the training wheels off but had a hard time starting and stopping.  I think we will get a new tire and tube for the old bike until he gets just a little bigger.
Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and the mud will dry up a bit.  We are all tired of being in this house!

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