Saturday, October 27, 2012


This poor blog has really been neglected this year.  I am pretty sad that I haven't been able to keep it up the way I would like.  One of the main issues is that my computer for some reason has decided to stop reading my memory cards from my camera.  I bought a card reader thinking I could fix it and it won't read it either! get pictures on this computer I have to download them on Jackson's computer, transfer them to a flash drive and then transfer them to my computer.  It is a huge pain.  I am going to try to get somewhat on track with my posting again.  I hate having everything so disorganized!

To start things off I am going to update you on our Spring.

We took a trip to Nebraska to visit our family over Spring Break.

Here the kids are with their Great Great Aunt Sadie.  She is 101 years old and still lives at home and drives to the horse races.  She is an amazing woman. 
With their Nebraska Cousins.  I believe they are 3rd Cousins. 
Visiting Uncle Charles at the farm for the mandatory Tractor ride.

Tyler wanted to go see where his family was burried.  He sad down and traced the names on the stones.  This is where my great grandma and grandpa Bruning are burried.  I'm not sure why he insisted we go here but I am glad we did. 
Getting ready to head back home. 
We went to Henderson for Easter.
Here all the men and boys are playing some baseball.  It was pretty amusing. 
Sweet Cousins. 
Fun on the zip line. 
Bringing the zip line riders back up the hill. 
Jaci May 
We played a lot of Baseball and softball this Spring! 
We got a puppy named Alli! 
Ty loves her! 
We played more baseball! 

And Softball... 
Played with the puppy. 
Gave the puppy a bath. 
Participated in the Spring Musical "Go West" at the Elementary School. 
Played even more baseball! 
And Jackson Pitched for the first time. 
It was a very busy Spring with all 3 kids having multiple activities.  I didn't realize how busy things were going to get for us.  There were some nights that all 3 kids had games at diffirent times.  Jaci's games were in Abilene so that added another interesting twist to the schedule.  The parent's of the 3rd Grade kids were also in charge of the sets for the musical.  Let's just say it was a lot of work!  I'm happy we survived it and to be honest I'm not really looking forward to it again next year.  I love the sports...I love watching the kids play...I just hate us never being home!

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