Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crazy Busy!

It seems like we have been going non stop for the past few weeks. How is it that we are already half way through March??? I am still thinking that it is February! Time is going by way too fast!

Jackson has had a lot going on at school so that has kept us on the go. He had 2 Kindergarten programs, a Kindergarten Rodeo and a Square dance. The Square dance was too cute! I remember loving square dancing in music class every Friday in school. It was so much fun to watch Jackson out there doing it.

Ready for his program. He was one of the few kids to have a speaking part and did great!

Doing the stick horse race at the Kindergarten Rodeo. After getting his face "branded."
Square Dancing! I love the look on his face!
Too Cute!
He really did get into it! Look at his feet 'skipping' across the floor.

In the past week Jackson has lost his 2 top teeth as well! On Tuesday I pulled out one that was really loose and then on Friday while eating a cinnamon roll his other one got really lose and he pulled it out himself. The tooth fairy wasn't prepared for that one to come out. :) Of course you would know that we are planning on doing pictures this next week while out in Robert Lee. I guess every kid has to have the silly pictures with missing teeth.
After losing his first top tooth.

After losing the second one!

All ready for the tooth fairy on the second night. He set a lizzard/cigar box trap for her!

Cracks me up! He doesn't make anything easy.

Tyler and Jaci are just as cute as ever. We were really enjoying the warm weather outside but the past few days it has been so cold and they haven't enjoyed it at all! Tyler certainly loves being outside! We have all been sick here lately and are really struggling to get all of the kids well. Tyler is especially challenging with his reactive airway disease. I just don't know what to do to get him well. He is on every medication imaginable for it and nothing is working. Between the kids and myself we have been to the doctor 5 times in the past 2 weeks. Kind of crazy. It looks like Tyler will be going back on Monday. :(
Tyler taking a picture of me taking a picture of him...I wonder where he gets it from? It's not like I have a camera in their face every day! :)

Jaci waiting for one of Jackson's programs. You may notice that she always has this kitty cat with her. Sadly her beloved kitty cat has gone missing. I need to find her another one and soon. Although she likes other kitty cats she still cries every day for her "oange" (orange) kitty. I am sad for her. :(

We are planning a trip out to Robert Lee on Monday for the week of Spring Break. The kids are so excited. Jackson now understands school holidays and was so ready to be out for a whole week. I hope we are able to get Tyler to a point where he is well enough to go. They will certainly be disappointed if we can't make it.

Other than that I have been busy with taking baby pictures and working on birth announcements. I really love working with newborns...if only it didn't make me want another one so bad! I just love that cuddly sleepy newborn phase. Of course my toddlers are a lot of fun and keep me constantly entertained and BUSY!!!


  1. super cute pictures of all the kids. Jackson's "trap" for the tooth fairy cracks me up. That's such a boy thing.

  2. i loved his "trap" as well. how funny. looking forward to meeting you all. i made my blog stalking public. :)