Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time to go home

We did end up making the trip out to Robert Lee for the week of Spring Break. Tyler is doing better although still not well by any means. I am still feeling under the weather and of course we have managed to bring this crud in and give it to my mom. Aside from the sickness it has been a great week. We haven't done a whole lot but it went by fast! Tuesday we went to San Angelo and I was having car trouble. We finally figured out after jumping off my car 6 times that the connection was bad. Thankfully it wasn't anything major! I was getting worried by the end of the day! Of course that consumed our entire day!

Yesterday we went and had the kids pictures taken and then I took some of my nephew Rhett and sister Tiffany. I got some pretty good ones of them. I can't wait to see the pictures that we had done of the kids. While I do photography on the side and take pictures ALL THE TIME I despise trying to get a good picture of all 3 of my kids. I feel like I am beating my head against a wall. It was nice to sit back and let others do the work. My kids certainly listen to others much better than they do me so I am hopeful that there are some good ones. I did manage to get a few cute ones of the kids feeding the ducks but by the time we were winding down our photography session with the Cozarts my kids were D-O-N-E taking pictures. I don't think Jaci was feeling well either because she cried a ridiculous amount through out the afternoon. Needless to say I was over it too!

Tomorrow we are heading back home. It will be nice to get back to our routine. My friend Amy and I have decided to do the Muddy Buddy run in Austin which is on May 17. We need to start training now!!! It will be good to start running every evening again! It is going to be a challenge but I need it! You can go check it out over here: I think it will be a lot of miserable fun! :) What do you think?

( I have been trying to upload pictures for the past 45 minutes but the internet here is Robert Lee is painfully slow so I will update with pictures tomorrow! I'm off to bed!)

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