Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boys and Girls

It is amazing the difference in raising boys and girls. I am often amused at how outgoing Jaci is and how talkative she is. She is like a little grown up and has been since she was about a year old. Both of the boys tend to sit back and take things in. The will open up around family or close friends but in public and around strangers they keep to themselves and stay close by Jacob or I. Jaci on the other hand has never met a stranger. She is into clothes and shoes (which I am NOT). Very much a girl! My boys are all boy and into tractors, trucks, and hunting and fishing.

Today I took the boys to get their hair cut because I was starting to get embarrassed to take them out in public. It was getting really bad! This used to be a HUGE battle for me up until about a year ago when we convinced Tyler that we were mowing his hair...then he thought it was cool. He will still throw a fit every once in awhile but it is much better. Now instead of the boys screaming in the salon it is Jaci screaming because she WANTS her hair cut. I am trying to grow her hair out because she has been hair challenged since birth and sported a mullet for much longer than I would have liked. (Thank God for big bows!) Last time I gave in and let her get a trim but this time I didn't and it was an all out fit. Thankfully the girl who cuts their hair is a friend of mine and sat Jaci down for a fake cut but she wants her hair mowed (with clippers) like the boys. Will this battle ever end??? I am so tired of having my kids scream in the salon! The boys scream because the don't want their hair done and her because she does. What a Diva!

Here is Jackson before his hair cut (see it's really bad!) holding his new rabbit. He is doing a short term rabbit project through 4H and everyone is enjoying the rabbit. His given name is Jack which is stamped in his ear but the kids have officially named him Johnny Hopper. (like the Johnny Popper John Deere Tractor) The boys are all about John Deere (esp. Tyler) so the name is fitting and fun!

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