Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time to Hit the Road

The past few days the weather has been absolutely beautiful so we have been getting back into the habit of walking every morning. This was something we did almost every day up until December and I have missed it so much. Every morning after dropping the kids off at school my friend Amy and I load up the kids and head out for a walk. The amount of stuff we have to take along to keep the kids happy for a 3 mile walk is quite ridiculous. I always feel so good after getting out first thing in the morning for a walk!

This isn't even all of it!

Ready to hit the road!

After our walk we came home spent the morning outside. It was just one of those perfect mornings!

While outside Jaci FINALLY learned how to ride her tricycle!

We have been working on this for awhile now and today she finally got it. (although her steering isn't great) Seems like just yesterday I was walking down the street pushing Jaci in the stroller while trying to get Tyler to pedal and yelling at Jackson to wait on me. :)

Today Tyler was the one leaving us behind.

Oddly enough the same woman who was outside laughing at me trying to get Tyler to learn to ride was out today. I think she got a kick out of watching Jaci. The first 1/2 of the ride was good but by the time we turned around to head home Jaci was jumping up and down on on her tricycle screaming at me and crying.

It was an eventful morning! I am just so happy that we can walk around the neighborhood and both the kids actually ride their trikes. My babies are growing up!


  1. Those are so cute! Skylar will have to try out the trike at your house some time. Those don't work well on gravel roads. lol