Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello this thing on?
I realize I have really let this blog go since we moved into the new house and I stopped my 365 Project.  I loved doing it but the kids and myself were in need of a break.  I think they have enjoyed my camera not being in their face as often.  I have enjoyed not hearing them whine about it!  It was a good break but I have really missed my nightly therapy and I realized how much those pictures (however insignificant they were) actually meant to me and how much I enjoy having some sort of a memory wrote down.

I have every day from the first day of January 2010, when we were preparing for Jacob to leave and move to Albany, through March 2011 when we finally were settled into our new home in our new town.  I am proud of that.  It was a year full of so much change and emotion and I have it all down on here.
Today I was reading another blog that I follow closely and she wrote a post about the euphoria of potential.  That feeling you get when you are imagining the things to come.
It hit home...
I love that feeling of excitement you get when things are changing and you know there is so much potential ahead.
This is happening to us right now.
Not with another move but with another chapter that will bring much change into our lives.
My babies will be starting Kindergarten this year.
I can't even believe it as I type it.
I have been a stay at home mommy for 9 years now.
They are what I do and I have loved it so much but with them going to school it brings new opportunities for our family.
I am trying to get a job.
(Well, I've had a job...just not one I got paid a paying job.)
I have an interview on Thursday at at Mother's Day out program here.  It would be a part time job and it would be working with kids which is all I know.
I am hopeful it will all work out.
In the mean time we are hanging out and enjoying our summer. 
(Well...Jackson was enjoying his summer until he listened to some boys at summer camp who convinced him to take his shirt off.  This happened on Thursday and he still has seeping sores and blisters.  Now he is not quite enjoying his summer as much as he was.)
It is going by way too fast.
I have decided to start back in blogging with a simple photo project.  It will most likely be 1 photo a day of whatever inspires or amuses me.  I might comment on our day...I might not.   I just know that I want to get back in the swing of things, just in a little different way.
So today Miss Jaci May came to me with a picture she had drawn.  She has been really into drawing lately.
This picture is of our family.
There are 7 of us.  (???)
It also has her hand and foot on it.
She wanted to glue (!!!) it to her door.  I opted to hang it on the refrigerator,
And now share it with you all!
Welcome to the picture project!
We will see if I can get back in the swing of things.

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