Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Early bedtime:  FAIL 
Sunscreen:  FAIL
The receptionist at the pediatrician's office kind of blew me off a bit when I called and said Jackson needed an appointment.  She tried to refer me to a nurse line but I insisted we needed to be seen.  Jackson's shoulder has gone from bad to worse.  We are now putting a steroid cream on it twice a day to try to help it out.  He is still in a lot of pain and screams for a LONG time when you put anything on it.
It is not fun at all.
Of course it seems so minor when you consider that Jackson has a classmate who has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks and had major brain surgery yesterday.  It makes my heart ache to think about going through that with one of my kids.  Jackson has been so concerned and constantly wanting to check in on Hannah.  It makes me feel good knowing that Jackson has a tender heart and has wanted to Pray for Hannah often.  It makes me feel even better that those prayers seem to have been answered and that Hannah's surgery seems to have gone well.

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