Sunday, January 1, 2012

12.31.11 Reflections on 2011

Clearly I have been a complete blog failure this past year.  I really had the best of intentions, but I haven't made it a priority like I did the year I posted every day.  I am sad that I don't have all of the little details posted on here.  It is so much fun to look back on them.  Like tonight for instance...we were talking about going and having another Kinect bowling challenge and Jaci blurted out, "You don't want to come and take a piece of this!"  I do love all of their cute little sayings.  I am going to attempt to do the 365 Photo challenge again in 2012.  Maybe it will just be an every other year thing.  :)
Looking back on our year I am just a little sad to see it coming to a close.  This has been a pretty amazing year and as I sit here tonight I can't help but feel so blessed at how far we have come in a year.  Last year I was just grasping for anything to get me through and this year has been less about survival and more about making a life here.
(Last day at the little house!)
I feel so blessed that we have a home here.  OUR home.  A place where we are making memories and working to make it the place we have dreamed of.
(Baking Christmas Cookies!)
(Our Christmas Tree 2011)
I feel so blessed  that this year my children are thriving here.  The love where we are at.  They love their school.  They love the friendships they are developing.  They love having their own rooms.  :)

(The boys at the Aggie game Sept. 2011)

(Kindergarten Scarecrows 2011)

I feel so blessed that Jacob and I have been able to relax and enjoy each other a little more this year.  The stresses of the previous year took a toll on us, but this year we found happiness just sitting on our front porch in a rocking chair talking to eachother.  (Usually while waiting to move the water on the grass.)  It is exactly how I had invisioned us spending our time here.

I feel so blessed that our families are all doing well this year and that we have been able to spend time with them.  We have loved having family and friends come and stay with us this year.  I missed that last year.  We simply didn't have room for anyone in the little house, but here we have plenty of room for everyone.  It is wonderful.  We also welcomed my sweet nephew to the family this year.  It is so nice to have a baby around to snuggle again.

(My grandparents visiting from Nebraska.)

(Sweet baby Reed!)
I feel so blessed that my friends and I have managed to maintain our friendships dispite the distance between us.  True friends are rare and I know how lucky I am to have the people I have in my life.  I also feel so blessed to be creating new friendships here.  It is so nice to feel like I am finally making some wonderful connections with wonderful people.

In 2011 I have been blessed beyond belief!
I look forward to seeing (and hopefully documenting) what 2012 has in store for us!

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