Tuesday, January 3, 2012


You might remember last year when we happened to have a string of fish deaths in our household.  As in we had 5 fish die in about a week.  The kids took it pretty hard but none more than Tyler.  He has even gone as far as to say that he would like to die and go to heaven to see his fish Huggy Bear.  (He is a bit extreme!)  The fish wasn't that great. 
After all of the fish died, Jacob and I decided that the fish didn't like the little house.  (Who could blame them!)  We told the kids that we weren't going to get them another fish while we still lived there and they eventually were OK with it.  Once we moved here we haven't had a lot of fish talk until this Christmas when Tyler got a Go Kart from Santa that didn't really work well.  He has been so bummed out over it so we decided to cheer him up and get him a fish.  He loved the plan! 
Of course the kid DRAMA that followed that decision was way over the top.  After many tears we headed home with THREE new fish.  Jackson has named his Aggie.  Jaci has named hers Tiana (she has a frog decoration in her pink tank so it is like the Princess and the Frog).  Tyler's fish is named Huggie Bear.  Yep...He named it the same thing.  Let's just hope we can keep these fish alive because if I have to hear about how bad life is because Huggie Bear has died I will probably lose my mind.

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