Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Saturday night Rhett started throwing up over at my mom's house.  It kind of put a damper on the fun day.  By Sunday at lunch mom and I were both feeling a bit off. 

Thankfully I was able to make it home without anyone getting sick, but after supper the kids all started feeling a bit off as well.  They all went to bed with buckets to be on the safe side. 
Thankfully nobody got sick!

This is a picture of CLEAN!!! bath water in Robert Lee.  Can you believe how bad the water looks?  Please pray for the town of Robert Lee.  They are basically out of water.  Their source of water, Lake EV Spence, is dry and they are working on getting a pipeline in to bring water to the people of Robert Lee.  I am amazed at how this little community has pulled together to get this pipeline going.  It is all volunteers putting it in.  Say a prayer for this little town.  Pray that the rains will come and replenish the lake and pray that they are able to get this pipeline up and running before they actually run out of water.
(And no...You don't really feel clean after taking a bath in water like that.  You itch and smell a bit and just feel dirty.  Lotion after the bath is a must!)
This really makes me so thankful for what we have.  Don't take good water for granted!

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