Sunday, January 1, 2012


Eeek...I got so busy today taking down all of our Christmas decorations that I almost forgot that I had big blogging plans this year.  The little ones were already peacefully tucked into their beds and had been sound asleep for about 1.5 hours.  Thankfully they stayed asleep when I snuck into their rooms to catch them snuggled in with their babies and stuffed animals. 
There was a lot of drama in our house today as I cleared out Jaci's room this morning.  I took 3 full trash bags out of there of things to donate/sell/throw away.  She handled it pretty well but once the boys saw what was going on they panicked.  Tyler assured me that ALL of his animals were well loved and he couldn't part with any of them.  I suppose that is why flat frog (who was Jackson's absolute favorite as a baby) was snuggling up with him tonight. 
Jackson was still up going back and forth between the Cowboys game and playing his xbox.  He was very torn between the 2 tonight. 
As I mentioned earlier, we took down all of our Christmas decorations today.  I always hate when we go back to regular decorations.  They are just so boring.  Once Christmas is over and I have to take them down I am so ready for Spring to get here.  I hate to wish the months away like that but January is always such a blah month.  I did enjoy a last bit of Christmas cheer by having a cup of White Hot Chocolate tonight!  It is fabulous!  My mom stuffed them in our stockings this year and they are to die for!  I do get to look forward to Gale coming up to see me this month and a trip to my mom's house for my nephew Rhett's birthday party.  I think Jacob's parent's are even planning a trip in this month so we should stay busy.
Hope you all had a wonderful first day of 2012!

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