Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm happy to say we all survived the big sleepover last night.  The little kids were up and ready to go around 7:30.  The big kids didn't wake up until around 8:15.  Needless to say Jackson was dragging a bit today.  He had is 9 Year WCC today.  He is 4'6" and 72 pounds.  He is in the 80% in weight and 75% for height.  He has been right around that mark since he was born so he is at least following his growth curve.  The doctor did mention that he hasn't gained any weight over the past 1.5 years.  In fact he has been losing it.  Not a huge thing because he is a good size but it is a little odd that as he has grown he hasn't gained anything. 
While I took Jackson to his appointment, the little ones stayed home with Jacob.  They were excited for me to get home, but not excited when I started pulling out backpacks and getting them ready for school tomorrow. 
I am not excited either.  Certainly not ready for them to go back.  This Christmas vacation has been so nice!

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