Friday, January 6, 2012


Today I had to head back to work.  :(  It wasn't too much fun.  After work Jaci's friend came home with us to have a sleepover.  It is Jaci's first time having a friend stay over.  She was so excited. 
We came home and had a tea party and then decided to go to a movie.  It was a fun night and both girls were so tired and fast asleep by 9:30.   I didn't argue with them when they said they were tired.  Of course they will probably be up bright and early, but at least we weren't up all night! 
Jackson headed out for a sleepover at one of his friends houses.  It is his first time to sleep away from home other than when he has stayed with family.  He was pretty excited. 
Tyler stayed in with Jacob and wanted to cook out steak.  This boy has the right idea!  I wish I had stayed in and had steak with them.  The weather was beautiful and perfect for cooking out.
We are looking forward to a low key weekend ahead.  I need a day or two to recover from our busy vacation!

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