Friday, January 14, 2011


It looks like we had a fun day today, but really it was a lot of running around and getting very little accomplished.  The only thing that was fun about it was that Tiffany and Rhett were here so that made it a little more enjoyable.  Things are always more fun when you aren't alone.
I spent a lot of the day shopping for carpet, tile, shower doors, and a new cell phone provider.
Tiffany shopped for maternity clothes. 

It is just a lot of loading and unloading with 3 kids.
And a lot of major decisions to be made that I still haven't got done.
And tomorrow Jacob and I and the kids have to head back to Abilene to get our new cell phones.  Thank goodness T-Mobile released us from our contract since they do not provide service here in Albany.  I do not want to get ATT but they are the only thing that works here so we are going with them.  The problem is we need to have this all done by Sunday so that we aren't charged and extra month. 
Hopefully we won't have to spend the entire day in Abilene.
Have a great weekend!

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