Saturday, January 29, 2011


We had another average Saturday here which consisted of getting out the the new house around 10 and working most of the day.  Today we had a TON of bricks and rock to clean up.  It wasn't a lot of fun.  The good news is that today when we got there we were able to find out who stole all of our firewood.  It had disappeared the day after the mud men came out there the first time and sure enough today when we went out there we discovered a lot of wood chips in the back of their truck.  They finally admitted to taking it and we are working with our builder to resolve it.  Jacob was so angry and it took everything he had in him to not go off on them.  Thankfully he kept it together. 
Tomorrow we will head back out there to clean up inside the house.  It is a huge mess from all of the sheetrock and mud.  I am not looking forward to that either.  It is going to be another full day. 
Jackson also has his first basketball practice tomorrow afternoon.  He is so excited!  From what I can tell he has improved a lot since he played in Kindergarten so we will see how it goes.

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