Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today was a big day for Tyler! 
He is beyond excited that the tooth fairy is coming to see him tonight! 
So excited that this morning when I pulled his tooth he insisted on putting it in the special tooth fairy pillow and placing it under the pillow right away. 
He didn't even want to take it out to show to Jacob this evening because he was so scared that he would lose it. 
Today is also a big day because it is my nephew Rhett's 4th birthday.
It is also the 4 year anniversary of my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer.
I am so thankful that she is cancer free and that we are able to truly celebrate this day! 
We will head in to Robert Lee this weekend for Rhett's party.
I am so tired of being on the go but it will be fun. 
The house is coming along.  There hasn't been a lot of work done on the inside this week.  I'm not sure what is going on with the mud men because it has been beautiful all week long. 
The brick is going on the house as well.  It looks a lot different on our house than it did on the houses we went and looked at.  I am hopeful that it will all come together.  Right now I am just seeing the lighter brick standing out and it looks kind of funny to me.  There isn't a lot I can do now so I just need to trust my choices. 
We have had a little issue with our brick ledge, but our builder stepped right up and is making it right.
I really do love our builder and feel like we can trust him.  I might have a moment of panic over something but they ALWAYS make it right.  If you are in the Abilene area and need anything done I highly recommend KSB Builders out of Clyde, TX.  They are just good, honest, hard working guys.  We met with several builders and a lot of them were more flashy, but Kevin was just so down to earth and made us feel completely comfortable with them right from the start.
That isn't the easiest thing to do with us.
We locked in our interest rate today and it seems so much more official that this is happening soon!

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