Thursday, January 6, 2011


Blogger was down for me yesterday so I couldn't get on and post.  Thankfully it is working again!
We spent a lot of time out at the house watching paint go on and insulation go in. 
Watching the insulation go in was pretty cool.  First they blow it on the walls and then a guy comes by with a big trimming tool and trims off the excess. 
Then there is another guy scraping up what was just trimmed off and putting it back in the machine to be blown back in again. 
The kids loved watching it!  
All they lack in the insulation in the ceiling which will have to go in after the sheetrock is done.
I am convinced that it is already warmer out at the new house than it is at our current house with the heaters on. 
It's hard to believe that next week we will have sheetrock in there!  It will really start looking like a house then! 
They also started painting the house.  The color isn't quite like I had hoped it would be (although it does look better than the pictures show).  I am hoping that once it all comes together that it will look good. 
The roof  has multiple colors in it but it is pulling more of the green and grey than the tan.  It looked great with the paint in my sample boards but right now I hate it. 
They also got the forms set to do the driveway pad and the sidewalks. 
We had a low key night with the kids tonight. 
It is nice to be getting back into a routine again. 
I am ready for the weekend though!

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