Friday, January 7, 2011


This morning Tyler, Jaci and I headed out to the house to watch them pour the concrete for our driveway pad and sidewalks. 
They loved watching everything that was going on and didn't let me leave until they had finished everything. 
That's OK though because I know that they are creating memories and they will always remember watching this house come together. 
When Jackson got out of school we headed back out to the house. 

We decided to leave our mark on the place.
It was starting to really set up so we had to press really hard and Jackson's still didn't come out great.
Tyler's isn't bad.
Jaci's came out the best of all of them.  She DID NOT want to do it and kicked and screamed the entire time.
Our builder finished up staining the back cedar work.
I am really happy with how it is coming together now.
They also delivered our brick today.  I can't wait until they start putting the brick and rock on the house!  I am tired of looking at the green. 
(Although I think Tyler would be perfectly happy if we left it green!)
Tonight the Aggies play in the Cotton Bowl so I am getting this done early so that I can enjoy the game.
Gig 'EM!

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