Monday, January 3, 2011


A year ago today our lives forever changed when Jacob drove off and moved up here to Albany leaving the kids and myself behind to try to get the house sold. 
It was a terrible day.
I went back and read about it and looked at the pictures and I got a sick feeling in my stomach again.
I am so glad that it is this year and not last year.
I am so glad that my biggest concern today was packing up and heading home from mom's house and having to stop off at Lowe's and get ideas on my cabinets and floors. 
Tonight I am feeling so blessed that it all worked out.
This move could have been a disaster.
We could still be waiting to sell our house.
We could have spent a lot more time apart than we did.
Tonight I am so happy that I get to go and crawl in bed with my husband here in a town that we love and tomorrow wake up and get busy working on things for our new house and our future.
Have I mentioned that I am loving 2011?
I am.

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