Sunday, January 3, 2010

3/365 Saying goodbye...

Today Jacob left for Albany. Although we know this is temporary it was extremely hard to say goodbye knowing that things will never be the same around here. Jaci was super clingy yesterday and Tyler was this morning. Jackson is usually the one who is attached to Jacob at the hip but he kind of hung back today until it was time to say goodbye. He completely broke down and is taking it really hard. The little ones don't really understand what is going on but I have a feeling that in the next couple of days things will get really hard for them and they will start to ask for him.

The weather here is gloomy and cold and has added to the sadness today. After Jacob left I decided that the house was too depressing so we went out to a movie. When I got out of the movie I noticed our realtor had called and wanted to show the house on short notice (as in while we were at the movies). Thankfully I had left it clean and the people LOVED the house. She seems to think that they will make us an offer. I am hopeful! This at least brightens up this otherwise miserable day. Please pray that things work out and this current living situation will be a very short one. I don't know that we can take watching Jacob leave every couple of weeks.

(The pictures are backwards in order...I just don't feel like going in and moving them all around right now.)

Watching Daddy drive away.


Tyler saying goodbye.

Everyone hugging daddy. Jackson was openly sobbing at this point.

This was tough to watch.

I kind of wish that he was like the little ones and didn't understand what was coming.

Watching as Jacob loaded up and got ready to leave.

Jaci discovered she could see herself in the back window and was making faces.

Tyler playing in the back of the truck. (Ignore the fact that the boys need a haircut in the worst way! I can't get them one until Wednesday.)

Burning off some energy.

Jaci got new Hello Kitty boots and is so proud of them. She insisted on wearing them to the movies today. I have a feeling she is going to be wearing them every day.

Jaci saying goodbye.

Stow aways...playing in the back of Jacob's truck.

Jackson trying to climb in Jacob's truck.

Tyler playing in the grass.

Jaci showing off her new boots. She loves them!

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