Thursday, January 14, 2010


It was a rainy day here today so we had to stay in all day. It made for a REALLY LONG day! I am so ready for Jacob to come home tomorrow. This has been a long 2 weeks for us all. I talked to our realtor today about possibly adjusting the price on our house. I personally feel we are a bit overpriced considering the market right now. I am just ready to be where Jacob is even if that means we don't make as big of a profit on our house. We will see how the weekend goes. I am just tired of hearing how beautiful our house is and how well it shows and how it is just perfect but it is getting us nowhere. The emotional roller coaster has just become a bit much for me. Even though it has only been on the market a month the feedback we have been getting is all so good and makes us so hopeful only to be let down. I'm just fed up with it all today.

The kids have been an absolute mess today and fighting non stop. After supper I suggested they play with their train track hoping that they would play well together. No such luck. It has been one fight after another. Bedtime could not come soon enough. I have done really well with being patient with them considering the changes we are all going through but today is just one of those days. In any event, tomorrow will be a better day because at the end of the day Jacob will be here and that makes us all happy.


Not happy.

I love Jackson thinking in the background.

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