Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tuesdays are our crazy busy days.  Right after we pick Jackson up from school we have to head off to Luling which is 20-25 minutes away to make it to Jaci's dance class by 4.  I usually have to wake the kids up a little early so that we can get a good spot in carpool and get out of there quickly.  This makes for a LONG afternoon for us all.  The little kids hate sitting in carpool for 45 minutes and Tyler and Jackson hate waiting around for the 45 minutes that Jaci is in dance.  Most days during dance the boys get out and play but with it being cold and them both not feeling great we decided to sit in the car and watch G-Force.  Jackson also worked on his reading homework because once we get home it is a lot to cram into an evening.  I hate Tuesdays but today went pretty smooth considering this was our first Tuesday getting back into the swing of things and this is the first Tuesday that Jacob is gone.  The kids topped the night off with a 45 minute bubble bath  and then hot chocolate.  I am going to top the night off with a bubble bath and a glass of wine.  (after I finish the laundry and doing the floors) ;) 

The kids are still pretty gloomy (as am I) and I know that Jacob is having a hard time being away.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I know that although this is really tough on us all it will strengthen us as a family in the long run and make us appreciate each other so much more.

You can tell how much Jaci loves carpool.

Tyler keeping himself occupied with his Zhu Zhu pet while watching G-Force.

Jaci walking in to dance class. (yes...she is still wearing the boots and no it was not raining)

Jackson doing his time in the car.

Taking care of his reading.

Hot chocolate and marshmellows after bath time.

Jackson trying to put on a happy face...he was crying about Jacob moments earlier.

Would you like a little hot chocolate with your marshmellows Tyler?

Jaci mixing hers up.

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