Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today was a much better day than yesterday. I was in a serious funk yesterday and I think it had to do with us not getting out of the house for 3 days other than to go to carpool and me having so much to do to get ready for the open house. Cleaning with all 3 kids around is kind of like shoveling snow in a blizzard. I felt like all day yesterday (and this morning) I was just spinning my wheels. I did manage to get it all done and the kids and I went out for a little lunch at Chili's and then headed out to watch the Princess and the Frog. We LOVED the movie. It was so cute and had a really good message about working hard for what you want in life. It was a great twist to the classic fairytale. The boys didn't want to go see a "girl" movie but since there are the same amount of girls as boys now that Jacob is gone we won out. :) Guess what...they liked it.

The open house went well in our realtor's opinion. There were only 4 people who came by but one couple was pretty interested and stayed for an hour figuring up house payments etc. I really hope they are the ones. The people from last week ended up on qualifying for enough to buy our house so we were a little discouraged but hopefully someone will come along soon.

After we got home the kids were begging me to take a bike ride even though it was only 41 degrees outside. We made a quick trip around the neighborhood and then they were too cold so we came in and have been relaxing ever since. It is kind of nice. I'm off the give the kids a bath and get them in bed. I am in desperate need of a little downtime for myself. I think I will put in a good movie and enjoy a glass of wine. Cheers!

The kids ready to ride.

Jackson being cool.

Happy to be outside.  (even though it was freezing!)

Jaci and Kitty...I insisted she not wear her Hello Kitty boots because they would be too cold.

Jaci couldn't take of the sunglasses once we were inside.  (They are Hello Kitty too and she loves them)

Kitty cat had to try them on too!

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