Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today we were on the run all day. Jackson's shoes busted yesterday and his backup pair was too small so I had to go get him some new shoes. I HATE shoe shopping! Both for myself and the kids. HATE IT! Thankfully I found a pair for him at the second store I went to. We also finally managed to get Tyler his second dose of his H1N1 vaccine. He had his first dose in October and our pediatrician has not been able to get it in stock so that he could get his second dose. This has been a huge headache for us. Because of the boys egg allergies and the vaccine having eggs they can only get it when the can be closely watched for 30 minutes after. All of the free clinics that have the shots will not give the boys one because they can't monitor them. It is sad that the government is saying where these doses of vaccines go and not considering that some children can't get them at the free clinics and actually HAVE to go to the doctor to get them. Scares me to think of how healthcare will be if Obama's healthcare plan goes through. my soapbox. I almost forgot to get the kids pictures today because we were so rushed this evening getting everything done. I did snap a few right before we went up for a bath. (which is why Jackson's shirt is off) They were begging me stay up late and watch Home Alone 2 but with short naps they all needed to get to bed on time. They weren't happy with me. I'm off to bed now too! It's been a long day.

His shot...He doesn't want to talk about it!  LOL

Tyler turning the camera on me.

His John Deere Green camera.

Jaci's hair is driving me crazy with all of these fly aways.  We go through a stage like this about once a year.  I hate it because no matter what I do it is just crazy.

Watching Home Alone.

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