Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today was so nice. It was great to sleep in a little and have a relaxing morning. Jacob and I escaped to watch a movie today which was so nice. We haven't had any alone time since he has been gone so it was great to be able to talk without interruption for the hour drive to San Angelo and back. It was also great to escape into a movie and get lost in it for 2 hours with no distractions. We went and watched The Blind Side and LOVED it.  The kids were happy to stay here with their Meme and Grandma.  I wanted to get away with Jacob when he was in last week but just couldn't take him away from the kids after he was gone from them for 2 weeks.  I figured this way they wouldn't be so upset with us getting away for a few hours since they are so happy to be here.  It worked out well.

Today was also my nephew Rhett's birthday party. He turned 3 on Tuesday. The kids had a great time playing together. It was a great evening. I also can't mention Rhett's birthday without mentioning that Rhett's 3rd birthday also marks the 3rd anniversary of my mom being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  It was such a bittersweet day to be celebrating a new life and be fearful for another.  Thankfully it was caught early and my mom is completely cancer free.  I think of that day often and emotions that came with it and realize how truly blessed we are in this family.  So many others aren't as lucky.  Every year that goes by I am so glad that the kids have their Meme around! (and I have my mom around!)  There are so many things to be thankful for on this day that we celebrate my sweet nephew!
Tomorrow we head back home and back to reality.  Makes me sad to think about it.   Hopefully we won't be living like this too much longer.

Tyler and his party goodies.  Of course Tiffany gave him green.  (what other color is there???)

Jaci ready to party!


The birthday boy taking it all in.  He didn't know what to think at first.

Doesn't Tyler have the sweetest look on his face here?

So happy to have their Meme around!  They all want to pile in the chair with her.  I think she needs a bigger chair.

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  1. Yea to mom being cancer free (we forgot to get her our annual present from us) and yea to Rhett turning three. Wish ya'll were still here.