Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today was a great day.  The kids and I spent most of the day out of the house which was so nice!  I hosted a Scentsy party for my friend Amy but had it over at her house just in case our house needed to be shown.  (It wasn't)  After the party the kids and I went and picked up Pizza and headed down to my friend Bonnie's house to have supper with them.  After that we all headed over to the bowling alley to meet up with Gale and her girls for a fun night of bowling.  Sunday nights it is only $1 per game/person to bowl or $5 for everyone for an hour.  There were 9 of us.  It was so much fun!  The kids love it and they LOVE Gale's girls so it was nice to sit back and just enjoy the evening.  I am thinking that we may try to do this as often as we can.  It was just so much fun!  Nights like this make me really appreciate the friends I have here.  I am going to be so sad to leave them.  They are the only thing that is getting me through this with the least little bit of sanity!  After tonight I feel refreshed and ready to face another week without Jacob being here.

These are the people who keep me sane...I thank God that they are in my life!
Aren't they sweet!
Jackson did SO MUCH better this time.  No crying and on his first try he hit 9 pins without even hitting the bumper guards we had in the lane.  He was so happy!
Tyler's unique style.  This kid keeps me so entertained.  I have to say what a good boy he was today when everything else was totally crazy during my Scentsy party.  The only time he got irritated was when I didn't feed him pizza fast enough tonight.  He was HUNGRY at 4:30 and told me all about it!
Wishing...hoping...thinking...praying.  Please let my ball make it all the way down to the pins.  :)
And now we wait.
This was Skylar's first time bowling.  She did great!
When you are 3 you have a lot of time to kill between when you throw the ball and when the ball actually hits something.  Jaci insisted on sitting and clicking her feet together and made Skylar join in.  Notice the ball still rolling for the pins.
Nothing but a happy face tonight!

Just relaxing.

Jaci made Erin sit with her.  Gale's girls are so amazing and so wonderful to my children.  They helped the kids bowl and I got to sit back and take pictures.  Erin's job was making sure Jaci's ball would get down the lane.  This usually meant she had to give it a little kick to get it going.  This time Jaci got her first spare.  (Thanks to Erin)

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