Friday, January 29, 2010


Today it was cold here and we enjoyed just staying in. I slow cooked a roast today and it made the house smell so wonderful. (and it was delicious!) It was the perfect cold weather day. Tonight the kids and I played some Wii and watched a movie. Tyler wanted to sit in my lap and snuggle most of the movie which is rare for him. He has his spot on the couch and he is perfectly content so snuggle up in his corner alone most of the time. He still isn't feeling great so he isn't quite acting like himself. I am ready for him to be off of these steroids because if he isn't laying down feeling terrible he is bouncing off the walls and demanding food. It is one extreme to the other and it is wearing me out. I can only imagine what it is doing to his little body.

I am hoping for a good weekend with a lot of house showings but I fear that the cold weather will keep people in. We'll see what happens. Jacob is heading out to one of his friends places this weekend. I know he looks forward to getting out of the hotel room. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I played around with black and white pictures again today.  I find it hard to get them just right to capture the sparkle in the eyes and sometimes think they look too harsh.  Personally I usually perfer color because I love a splash of color and eyes that pop but so many others prefer black and whites so it is something I need to work on for our business. 

Jaci fixing her hair in the bathroom today.  She will grab her brush and run off to fix her hair.  Such a girl!
This is NOT the Hook 'Em sign...It is the Rock and Roll sign.  Tyler has been doing this ever since his Great Uncle Darren was here and showed it to him.  I was not happy the first time he did this and when I asked him about it he said "No Mommy...It's Rock and Roll!"  Thank goodness...I was starting to worry that living here close to all these T-sips was rubbing off on him!
Of course Jackson panics when he sees that and has to flash us the Gig 'Em sign!  Rest assured we are raising good little Aggies in our house.  :)

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