Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today we have been busy getting ready for Jacob to leave tomorrow. It is hard to believe that today is our last day living in this house all together. I know Jacob will come back to visit us every other weekend but things will never be the same after today. It is a strange feeling.

I snapped a few pictures of the kids playing Wii Monster Trucks while I was cooking supper. Again...nothing too interesting. I am hoping that once we settle into our "new normal" that I will be able to get out and get some better shots of the kids. Tyler was so cute playing tonight. He was so into it. Jackson loved it as well but got totally frustrated if he didn't win. He does that any time he plays a game. We are trying to teach him that is is ok not to win but so far it isn't working so well.

A beautiful sunset out our back door. I walked out back just in time to catch it. Pictures don't do it justice.
Today Jaci and I had to run a few errands in in San Marcos. She got a balloon at the party store and was so proud of it. She kept it close so the boys wouldn't get it.

Tyler with his stash. He still isn't feeling well but was up for some monster truck racing.


Jackson playing. He thought the closer he was the better control he would have. It didn't work so well.

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