Monday, January 4, 2010


Today we started settling into our new routine. Jackson started back to school after being off for 2 weeks and I think we were all ready to get back on schedule. We are creatures of habit here and function best with a routine so it was great to get back in the swing of things. The little ones and I spent most of our morning in San Marcos running errands so at least we weren't just sitting around the house being sad. After we got Jackson from school we came home and decided to take a walk and ride bikes. It was COLD (well...cold for here) ;) so we didn't stay out too long but I think the exercise and fresh air was good for us all. Jaci got a Hello Kitty bike for Christmas from Santa. She got a big girl bike for giving up her baby suckers (paci). So far so good with that. Tonight at supper she did start asking when daddy was coming home from work. She really doesn't understand what is going on but is starting to ask and get upset. I have a feeling that in the next day or two it will really hit the little ones. Jackson didn't sleep well last night claiming he was sick at his stomach. He has a really nervous stomach and doesn't handle change well at all. He is a little better this evening but has still teared up a few times. He is keeping track of the days on his calendar and is counting down until daddy comes home. We are hoping to hear something from the couple who looked at our house in the next day or two. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Jackson's calendar.

Riding home.
Waiting on a school bus to pass.

Tyler ready to go.

My bike gang.

Jaci with her new Hello Kitty bike. It even has a baby carrier on the back for her kitty cat. She LOVES it!
Tyler and his John Deere bike.
Jackson ready to ride.

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